Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun at Paper Source

I love going to Paper Source! There are so many cute things there. I bought some of the materials to make my invitations there. I tried to stay with the things on my list, but I was temporarily distracted by all of their other adorable items. When I stopped roaming through all of the cute sections, I chose items that were both fun and functional :) A few of my favorites are a new rubber stamp, calligraphy pens, and red and white striped paper straws.

While I was browsing the rubber stamp section, I found one that I have been looking for in several stores, but hadn't been able to find--the character for double happiness! It was a happy surprise to find it when I wasn't specifically looking for it on this particular trip :)

I also bought some new calligraphy pens. The Speedball Elegant Writer calligraphy pens are awesome! I took a calligraphy class several years ago, and I have a beginner's kit that I used to brush up on my calligraphy writing. These pens are great, because it makes my normal handwriting look like calligraphy even when I make a mistake with the stroke.

I also found red and white paper straws! I was going to stick with a theme for the colors of the paper straws, but I think that these straws are so much fun that I will use multiple colors for a cheerful effect at the reception (also, the left over straws will be so much fun to use for decorating later).

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